Absolutely Abeba’s Edible Treats E-Book

Absolutely Abeba’s Edible Treats E-Book

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I decided to make the kookies without nuts because so much of the gourmet raw foods are made with nuts. I decided that as much as I enjoy them, how can I make tasty treats without nuts? Thus the idea for kookies without nuts came alive. Don’t be surprised if you eat 4 to 5 trays of these kookies all by yourself, even while they are still warm. It is my desire to contribute delicious mouth watering, Krunchy Krackers and Kookies without nuts to the community of Raw Foodists worldwide. Enjoy your Krazy Krackers and Kookies without nuts! With Over 2 Dozen Recipes Including:
  • Honey Curry Kale Chips
  • Seaweed Kracker
  • Tortilla Chip
  • Quinoa Protein Kracker
  • Honey Flax Kookies
  • Granola Kookies
  • Apple Krisp Kookies
  • Banana Chip Kookies
  • Coconut Kookies and more . . .!

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